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Work to build a shiny new meeting house using modern techniques is about to start in earnest - email with any suggestions you might have.

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Wim Nusselder is shaking hands to end meeting

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aotearoa/new zealand yearly meeting, questions & counsel, d1: Be faithful to your experience of the Spirit, in whatever way it has come to you. Carry it into your daily life. Do what love requires of you, which may not be the same as great busyness.

Barb: Feel free to be present here and 'Meet' in spirit with whoever else attends here during the same day. If you would like to (regularly) Meet others here at the same time, please consider posting your online Meeting habits/plans at (accessible only after registration and login). Currently, we tend to Meet about GMT 1100 daily; Fridays about GMT 2100; and Sundays about GMT 1030 More information available at
May you have a blessed day. Barbara

Wim Nusselder: ;-)

Barb: :-)

Wim Nusselder is shaking hands to end meeting