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Feel free to be present here and meet in spirit with whoever else attends here during the same day. If you would like to (regularly) meet others here at the same time, please consider posting your online Meeting habits/plans at (accessible only after registration and login). Currently, we tend to meet about GMT 1100 daily; Fridays about GMT 2100; and Sundays about GMT 1030 More information available at May you have a blessed day.

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Barb is shaking hands to end meeting

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friends of truth / glenside friends meeting, christian conduct: Christian Conduct: Christ is a teacher of righteousness and holiness. He teaches both individuals and his community, and as we respond in obedience we are led into a way of life that testifies to him. The love of God and of our neighbor are the basic principles of this way, but Christ also gives us specific teachings about what this means in practice. In setting forth rules of conduct appropriate to a Christian people, we would not want anyone to think that a mere literal conformity to these things is sufficient; rather "unless your righteousness exceeds that of the scribes and Pharisees, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven." Our inner nature must be transformed by Christ, as we submit ourselves to him in each day's circumstances, trusting him for the power to do his will and not our own. The subjection of our decisions to God's guidance is a mark of the disciple's life

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Barb is shaking hands to end meeting