About this page


This was originally a mobile phone app for Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile; the code which originally drove it as a phone app has been temporarily lifted and shifted on to the Online Meeting for Worship website pending a complete overhaul of that meeting space, which is basically the same code as the original space as it was first built in 2000!


The purpose of this app is to give Friends around the world an insight into the wisdom that can be found outside their own Yearly Meetings - especially Yearly Meetings whose theologies and ways of worship are different from their own; to enable Friends to see that as despite our differences what joins us together as Quakers is greater than what drives us apart.

As Quakers we use our Advices and Queries as points of personal challenge, but often we find them more comforting than challenging, because the ones from our own Yearly Meeting are written in line with the YM's own theological position. Real challenge comes when we seek wisdom from outside our own communities - where Liberal Friends are challenged on their response to Christ, where Evangelical and Conservative Friends are challenged on their response to other faiths, etc

As well as using the app for personal study, it is hoped Friends will use it and share its contents in their Quaker meetings.


To suggest additional Yearly Meetings to the pool, or to correct mistakes I've made in categorisation please feel free to email me.