Latest News - February 2019!

Remember how about five years ago I said I was starting work in earnest to build a new meeting house? Sorry, I got a bit distracted...

I'm now almost in a position to return my attention to this - I've another personal project to get stable enough to make public, and then I'll return to this. But don't worry, quite a lot of the new work necessary is already done.

In the meantime, here are some Advices and Queries from Around the Quaker World!

simon gray, site builder

most quaker meetings for worship take place in a specific building (the meeting house) regularly on a specific day & time, usually sunday morning & sometimes wednesday or thursday lunchtime or evening.

however, this doesn't always work for everybody - for some people, there isn't a meeting nearby to where they live (or even in the same country !), & for others they would like to be able to worship with different people at different times to their 'home' community in order to gain different insights from other parts of the quaker world.

the online meeting for worship is for these people, & for anybody else who wants to play with the idea of using the internet in order to experiment with ways of quaker worship. it has recently been through a process of major recoding - and as that work is completed it will be gradually reopened for use.